Coaches, teammates, former players, and parents comment on the Hoop Pursuits basketball program:




“Having the opportunity to Coach Dusty at the DI level in 2005/06, I can say without any hesitation that he is one of the hardest and most determined young men I know. He is a high character young man that is a team player and possesses great leadership skills. He has a great ability to relate to today’s youth in a positive way. There is no doubt that Dusty has a bright future ahead of him.”

-Del Harris, Former Head Coach Vassar College


“I have known Dusty for many years now, as Dusty was a player for me here at Lynn University. In every instance, he has shown a great amount of professionalism and a true desire to excel. Dusty has displayed an extremely high level of commitment to everything that he pursues, and his career in coaching will be no different.”

-Scott McMillin, former Head Coach Lynn University/ Palm Beach State College


“As a player Dusty was always working on his game. When it comes to individual development, he knows what it takes to take your game to the next level”

-Jack Castleberry, Director of Basketball Operations, Citadel


“Dusty is a hard working individual with a high basketball IQ. Dusty is an incredible leader who has a passion for the game.”

-Gene Prousnitzer, Former Graduate Assistant University of Arkansas Little Rock


“Dusty Pflugner is an outstanding basketball teacher and trainer. He has tremendous experience as a player at IMG Academy and as a Division one basketball scholarship Player at VMI. His attention to detail and dedication to excellence on and off the court make him the perfect fit to lead young men and women looking for improvement in their game.”

-Nick Matson, Director of Basketball Operations Fresno State University


“Dusty has a new approach to coaching today’s youth. He is one of the few coaches that truly teach the fundamentals of basketball, while keeping kids engaged on getting better. With his college playing experience he has all the tools to really change someone’s game and turn their weaknesses into their strengths.”

-Pete Gash, Video Coordinator University of Florida


“Dusty has shown will power and toughness as a player by succeeding at the college level despite several injuries. Always keeping a positive attitude, he was a positive influence and great asset to his team.”

-Michael Woo, Lynn University Student Athletic Advisory Committee President and LU teammate class of 2011


“Dusty is one of the most trustworthy and dependable teammates I’ve ever played with. Not only was he a great leader on the court but off of it as well. He taught me how important it is to work hard every day because every day matters”

-Michel Vidal, All-time leading rebounder and teammate at Lynn University class of 2011


“Dusty has made a tremendous impact on our son Brandon’s performance on the court. His focus and discipline during every training session drives Brandon to reach new levels.”

-Daniel Schultz, Parent of Hoop Pursuits athlete


“Since our boys have started training with Dusty we have seen a tremendous improvement in their basketball game. Dusty is Enthusiastic and encouraging and he has taken our kids to the next level. We are looking forward to seeing continued improvement!”

-Michelle Rissman, Parent of Hoop Pursuits athlete


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