Hoop-Pursuits offers a multi- faceted approach to assist your child in their quest for better basketball performance:



1.   Private / Semi Private/ Group- Skill development training


The key to developing basketball skills is repetition through practice!


Different packages are available depending on what you and your player desire to achieve:


  • Private lessons, Semi Private, and Group Workouts are focused on the direct needs of your athlete(s).
  • Please Contact Coach Dusty @ 941-350-7975 for pricing


****Sessions are 1 hour in duration and can take place at your local court, recreation center, school, driveway, or ADVENT LUTHERAN SCHOOL – “THE HOME OF HOOP PURSUITS BASKETBALL “…wherever there is a court and a desire, we will train!****


*A typical workout could look like this:

5 minutes- Dynamic Warm up (injury prevention)

30 minutes- drills for skills (ball handling, shooting, rebounding, passing, and defense)

5 minutes – speed and agility work

15 minutes- weakness factory (concentration of drills improving weaknesses)

5 minutes- cool down and workout recap/ overview


  • Fundamental work is derived from skill and fitness level and are based on similar drills used at the College and NBA level
  • Every workout is different and tailored around each player’s needs and abilities.
  • Water breaks are integrated throughout the workout and at the player’s request.







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